• Please check the proper connection to the solar generator and the grid. Check the relevant connections (cables) and observe the points as described in chapter 2 of the manual
    • The integrated graphic display allows you to read out a malfunction diagnosis
    • If you cannot fix the malfunction with the proposed measures, please notify our SOLARMAX Hotline
  • Have the following informations at hand:

    • Name of the device type
    • Serial number
    • Serial number of the data logger (MaxWeb XPN)
    • Malfunction code or fault signal

    The Hotline Team will discuss the type of fault with you. In the event of a device
    fault, we will endeavour to help you as quickly as possible.

  • An inverter is usually over-dimensioned so that it operates less frequently in the unfavourable partial load range. The strength of solar radiation is, after all, not always optimal, and the solar generator therefore rarely delivers its rated output. In order to achieve optimum utilisation of the SOLARMAX inverter, the solar generator capacity should therefore be slightly higher than the inverter capacity. We recommend (according to the study by Fraunhofer ISE) an over-dimensioning factor of max. 15%. This value may vary depending on the location and orientation of the plant. More precise information can be obtained using our software MaxDesign 3.1 and our current design programme MaxPlan, which is available free of charge in the download section on our website. The MaxPlan considers our new inverters 20HT and 25HT in your planning.

  • Please contact our Hotline, you will find the Hotline number and e-mail address on the tab “Contact”. For construction-support solar module data sheet and the circuit diagram of the plant.

  • With transformerless inverters the electrical connections on the module side must never be earthed. In contrast, the solar module should be earthed. For this reason, the modules have to be connected to the equipotential bonding of the inverter. If possible, the earthing should take the form of a star configuration, so that the inverter and the modules are connected to the same potential. The device is earthed with an additional earth conductor via a flange connector attached to the outside of the inverter housing.

  • If you install several single-phase string inverters, the devices should be distributed over the different mains phases. For example, a system with three SOLARMAX inverters, the devices should be respectively connected to mains phases L1, L2 and L3.

  • SOLARMAX string inverters contain integrated AC/DC sensitive leakage current monitoring unit. From our point of view, an external earth leakage circuit breaker is therefore not required. However, if your utility company stipulates an additional earth leakage circuit breaker on the AC side, you should comply with this requirement. More information you will find in our installation manual, which is available in the download area.

  • You will find certificates, documents of compliance and declarations of conformity in the download area of our Homepage, www.solarmax.com. Click on the corresponding country language, and the website will list the relevant valid documents. You cannot find the relevant document? In this case, please contact our Hotline. You will find the Hotline number and e- mail address on the tab “Contact”.

  • The malfunction messages refer to problems related to the power grid connection. The protective earth or the phase may have a loose contact. Check all your inverter connections through to the feed-in meter. Be sure you check the connections to the protective earth. In rare instances a diesel generator supplying the grid subsection with power during service work may trigger these malfunction messages.

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